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Every few months, we publish a newsletter to keep you informed of what is going on in the world of aromatherapy and wellness therapeutics. Each issue is packed with useful information and new product updates, and valuable, "Subscriber Only" specials.

In This Issue:
Pet Aromatherapy ~ Single Tone Essential Oils ~ Incense
Beaded Jewelry ~ Gospel CD ~ Pulse Point Applicators
Mounted Puzzles ~ Scented Neck Warmers ~ Lots More!

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Aromatherapy for Pets New!

The soothing benefits of aromatherapy combined with natural ingredients make it a safe and effective choice for pet grooming. Products are available in two specific formula strengths for cats and dogs. All products contain natural ingredients and essential oils. These are sure to be a hit with your pampered pooches and kitties.

Calming Spray . Coat Wash . Deodorant . Paw Balm . Pet Care Guidebook

Single-Tone Essential Oils New!

We have over 40 different oils in stock. They are priced by .5 oz bottle or 2 oz bottle (better value). Other varieties can be special-ordered for your convenience as available.

Carrier Oils New!

We will carry three different bases in the store, with over 20 types available for special order if you choose. Currently we have Grapeseed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, and Rice Bran (olive oil substitute) in 8 oz bottles.

Aromatherapy Supplies New!

If you like to mix your own oils, we will have the dark amber bottles in stock in .5 and 2 oz sizes. Other sizes and colors are available by special order.

Heaven Scent

The featured lotion and bath fragrances for Easter are Citrus Slices, Garden Mint and Lily-of-the-Valley. Most fragrances available in our 2 oz trial sizes and full-size 8 oz bottles. A reminder that we offer several pure essential oil blends: Citrus Slices, Eucalyptus/Citrus, Lavender/Chamomile and Spearmint. We will be adding straight-tone Peppermint, Lavender and Tangerine shortly.

Massage Oil New!

Our newest addition to the Heaven Scent line is our Body and Massage Oil in 8 different fragrances: Almond, Cherry Chocolate, Cinnamon Vanilla Swirl, Eucalyptus/Citrus, Sandalwood, Moroccan Sunset, Oatmeal, Milk & Honey and Vanilla, . We will continue to add additional scents each season. Any Heaven Scent fragrance or essential oil blend is available in our new massage oil. Just ask!

Beaded Jewelry New!

Earth Tones, a local artisan, is producing custom beaded jewelry in a variety of gems, stones, wood and Swarovski faceted crystals. Custom color, birthstone, gem and stone blends are available. Perfect for anniversary, birthday and wedding gifts, graduation, and other special events. The handiwork will feature pierced earrings, beaded and charm bracelets, and necklaces.

Gospel CD New!

Perfect for Easter! A local husband and wife duo sing many classic and contemporary favorites. Current titles are: God is Faithful and You Gave Me Love. CDs are $15 each or 2/$25.

Incense Matches New!

By special request, we are now offering incense matches. They come in 14 different fragrances, including Bayberry, Cherry, Cinnamon, Coconut, Frankincense, French Vanilla, Hollyberry, Jasmine, Musk, Oriental, Patchouli, Potpourri, Rain, Sandalwood, Spice and Strawberry.

Lost and Found

Some items that were left behind from holiday shopping include a white glove and a black and white umbrella. If they are yours, please call me so that we can make arrangements for you to pick them up.

Massage Therapy

Regretfully, we lost the services of our previous massage therapist to the warmer climes of Florida. If we find another therapist, I will notify you when we offer massage therapy services again.

Pulse Point Applicators New!

Essential Oil Blends in a handy cologne roller offers a quick aromatherapy fix in a small package. Great for carrying in the car, home or office. The blends include Balance, Desire, Harmony, Inspiration, Revive and Serenity.

Puzzles New!

A hobby-turned-gift idea. We will feature several assembled and mounted puzzles each season. You can frame them or display them on an easel. A limited number of designs will be sold boxed. Have a particular design you’re looking for? We’ll keep our eyes open for you and let you know if we can find it.


Retail Space Available

As many of you are aware, Frank-Ly Organic closed their shop at the end of January. The space their shop was in is available for rent. There are two rooms and a private bathroom on the main floor along with a downstairs office and storage. The total square footage is 1,250. If anyone is interested, please contact me at the shop: 419-524-3111 to discuss particulars.

Scented Neck Warmers New!

The neck warmers provide soothing comfort for a sore back, neck or shoulders, tension or sinus headaches, Spray the heated or chilled outer sleeve with herbal and essential oil fragrance. Current fragrances include Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Lavender and Rose.

Summer Hours

From Memorial Day through Labor Day we will be open Tuesday-Saturday from 10 am - 5 pm. Eventually we may permanently close on Mondays except during Christmas and other holiday weeks. We'll update you once a decision has been made.

Tea Corner

Our featured teas for Easter are Ginger Peach and Mango Ceylon (Metabolic Frolic). Available in loose leaf and teabags, full-bodied black tea and decaf. We also have Tea Sets of Kiwi Pear and Green Chai with a tin of tea, decorative mug and brew basket with lid. The Gemsugar blends are Ruby (Roselle extract with anti-oxidants) and Topaz (Safflower extract with anti-oxidants). Our bunny teapot will bring lots of hoppiness for Easter! Don't forget our coasters and individual brew baskets, too.

Web Page

Our web page of EnergyRenn.Com will soon be up and running. We will list all of our current products and gradually sell all items online. Our first section for online sales will be our aromatherapy items. For any items not yet available for sale on the site, email me at and I can forward a picture and sale information back to you.

Wellness Therapeutics

Congratulations to Barb Dunlap who recently completed her Reiki Master training. We have new rate sheets in the shop. Stop by to pick up a copy or call us and we'll mail one out to you. Current services: Body Talk, Chakra Balancing, Cranial-Sacral, Reflexology and Reiki.

Special Events

Kristen will be doing two aromatherapy presentations through the Library. The presentation at the Bellville branch is Thursday, April 22 and Thursday, May 20 at the Plymouth branch. Learn the benefits of aromatherapy and essential oils and sample some of the many products that are available .


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