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Pets are a special part of any family and deserve the same level of love, care and consideration as other members of the household. We feature pet aromatherapy products and treatments as well as pet grooming products to keep them feeling healthy outside, too!
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You already know the benefits that aromatherapy has for humans. Pets, too, can benefit greatly from the effects of essential oils and holistic health treatments. This section, when completed, will contain plenty of useful information to help you keep your precious four-legged family members alive and healthy.
Using Aromatherapy For Your Pet Dogs And Cats
How do Essential oils work and what do they do? There are primarily two ways Essential oils can be used. Essential oils can be absorbed through the skin to nourish, cleanse and rejuvenate. They also diffuse through the air and enter the brain and nose (also known as olfactory system). Aromatherapy works by the scent entering the nerves in the nose and then the nose transfers the smell to the brain. The brain perceives the smell and then displays a reaction to the scent of smell. Aromatherapy deals mostly with emotions when entering the nose through the olfactory system.

Essential oils applied directly to the skin are used to heal burns, scrapes, irritation, hot spots, lick areas and more. Each plant contains different healing properties. Therefore you should use caution when choosing which essential oils to use for your pet.

Using aromatherapy treatment is common for dogs and cats. Humans and dogs have a very similar olfactory system. Lavender, tea tree oil, and peppermint seem to work on pets. Not all aromatherapy has been tried and proven, so please use common sense and exercise caution when in doubt.

Aromatherapy treatments for your dog or cat are safe and effective. Aromatic oils work by stimulating the bodies healing mechanisms. Dogs and cats have a much stronger sense of smell than we humans do, therefore minimum amounts of essential oils should be used. It has been stated that dogs have 20 times more olfactory receptors than humans. Please be sure to check with an aromatherapist before treating your pets.

Please Note: Your house pets DO NOT take the same dosage as humans. The concentration of Essential oils used for pets is much less than that used by humans.

Some common uses for aromatherapy for pets are for anxiety, bathing, healing, itching, and more. Please be sure and do your research before using oils on your dog.

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